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I’m Christina - an enthusiastic developer with a love for creating apps that make life a little more simple, and a lot more fun.

I enjoy making apps that make people smile, whether it’s from humor, or because I solved a problem for them. My favorite part of development is the puzzle aspect. I enjoy the process of taking a seemingly impossible task, breaking it down into manageable pieces, and putting it all together in a new, exciting way. When I'm not developing, you can usually find me in the forest, taking in nature.


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As a trail runner, I am on the constant look out to discover new trails, in new locations, to help diversify my training. Trail Run Finder allows me to search any location, and list nearby trailheads with basic information. The results are then displayed on a Google map with an option to get directions to a selected trail.Technologies used: JavaScript, Jquery, HTML, and CSS.

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I wanted to create a fun way to learn some facts about beer, and so I created the Hoppy Quiz app. Your score is kept and updated as you progress through each question, and you have the option to restart at the end. If you answer one wrong, the correct answer is given.Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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